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Crostolo Department in the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy, named from the river, a tributary of the Po, on which its capital, Reggio nell’Emilia, stands. It was formed in 1797 from, and afterwards returned to, the Duchy of Modena.

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CRIMEA KRYM; Krim (Tk). Peninsula in the northern Black Sea, called by the ancient Greeks Chersonesus Taurica, the peninsula of the Tauri (the people living there). The southern shores of the peninsula were colonised intermittently by Greeks and Byzantines, the northern lands were … Continue reading

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CRETE KRÍTI; Creta (Lat); Candia (It); Girit (Tk). Island in the eastern Mediterranean (the fifth largest Mediterranean island) and the southernmost region of Greece. It was part of the Roman Empire, forming a province with Cyrenaica on the north African coast until … Continue reading

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CRES CHERSO (It). Island in the Gulf of Quarnero (Kvanerić), east of Istria. It belonged to medieval Croatia (and so to Hungary after 1102). For a couple of decades in the 14th century it was under Venetian suzerainty, but had returned to … Continue reading

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CREMONA City, the seat of a Bishop, on the River Po in northern Italy, southeast of Milan; and A province in modern Italy. The city was taken in 553 from the Ostrogoths by the Byzantines, and lost by them to … Continue reading

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CREMA Town in northern Italy, ESE of Milan and northwest of Cremona. It was an ally of Milan in the early struggles against the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, but fell to him in 1160 and was largely destroyed. Cremona was given dominance … Continue reading

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COSENZA #179628159 / The northernmost province in the Calabria region in southwest Italy, named from its capital, which is high in the valley of the River Crati, the valley where Robert Guiscard began his career. In the Kingdom of … Continue reading

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CORSICA   CORSE. Island in the western Mediterranean, north of Sardinia. [For the Département(s) and Region, see CORSE]. After the fall of the Roman Empire, Corsica became part of the Vandal Kingdom, which held the Tunisian coast-lands and many of the … Continue reading

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CORREGGIO #175801965 / Lordship in the Po plain in northern Italy, northwest of Modena. Members of the family served as podestàs in several Italian cities in the 13th century and were at times lords of Parma and Guastalla in … Continue reading

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CORON   KORÓNI. Town in the east of the southwestern peninsula in the Peloponnese in southern Greece, held by Venice, 1206-1500 and 1685-1715.

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CORINTH   KÓRINTHOS. Nome (department) in the northeast Peloponnese, between the Gulf of Corinth and the Saronic Gulf, in the Peloponnese Region, and named after the city on the isthmus between the two Gulfs. Before 1899 and during part of the … Continue reading

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CORFU   KÉRKIRA; Kerkyra. #96447383 / The second largest and northernmost of the Ionian Islands, except for some very small ones;  its northeasternmost shores are separated by a narrow channel from Albania. It forms a nome or department in present-day … Continue reading

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CONSTANTINOPLE The city built by the Emperor Constantine the Great on the site of the Greek city of Byzantion (Byzantium to the Romans) as capital for the Eastern Roman Empire – the new Rome. It was capital for the Roman … Continue reading

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CONCORDIA   CONCÓRDIA. Town on the River Secchia, right-bank tributary of the Po, north of Modena, and held by the Pico lords of nearby MIRANDOLA.

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COMO City of northern Italy, on the southern shore of the lake that bears its name, NNW of Milan; A province of modern Italy The Bishop of Como had committal powers in the early years of the Holy Roman Empire.   … Continue reading

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