1. English: Lake Como: Como city (Italy) Italiano...

    English: Lake Como: Como city (Italy) Italiano: La città di Como (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    City of northern Italy, on the southern shore of the lake that bears its name, NNW of Milan;

  2. A province of modern Italy

The Bishop of Como had committal powers in the early years of the Holy Roman Empire.   During the 12th century struggles of the Lombard cities with the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, Como sided with the Emperor because it feared domination by Milan.

In the 13th and 14th centuries two families struggled for power, the Guelph Vitani and the Ghibelline Rusconi. Outside powers would intervene, usually on behalf of one family or the other. The Torriani of Milan controlled Como, 1259-76, and the Visconti, 1335-1402.  After the death of Gaingaleazzo Visconti in 1402, the Rusconi were able for a time to return, but in 1416 Como fell finally to the control of Milan.

The province, in the Lombardia region, lies around Lake Como, though for only a little way on the northern side of the lake.  In the west it borders upon Switzerland.

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