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CÓRDOBA #dv564016 / gettyimages.com A Taifa Kingdom in Muslim Spain; An inland province (CO) in Andalucía in southern Spain, named after its capital, which stands on the River Guadalquivir. The city, called Corduba by the Romans, was the capital of … Continue reading

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City States of Italy

CITY-STATES of Italy Of all the regions of Europe the Italian peninsula was the one where city-states most flourished and abounded.   Many of the cities of the Roman era survived;  they had a proud history and a tradition of self-government. … Continue reading

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CAMPANIA Late Roman province in southwest central Italy; A modern autonomous region. The name means plain, the plain in this case lies between the Apennines and the Tyrrhenian Sea. The district extended originally from the River Sele in the south … Continue reading

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CALABRIA Roman district in the heel of Italy, which became the south of the late Roman province of Apulia et Calabria; A Byzantine theme; A modern Italian region. …but in these two latter cases Calabria means the toe of Italy, … Continue reading

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ASTORGA   City (founded by the Romans, Astorica Augusta) Situated in the León province in northwest Spain, WSW of León.  It lay in the devastated border zone between Christian and Moslem Spain, and was rebuilt by King Ordono I (850-66).  For seven … Continue reading

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ARMORICA Roman name for the region later called Brittany, from a Gaulish word, Armor, meaning land facing the sea, a name which also extended along the Channel coast beyond Brittany. .  The inland of Brittany was known as Arcoet, the … Continue reading

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AGRIGENTO Province in southern Sicily, named after its capital.   The town, a little way inland from the southern coast, was originally the Roman town of Agrigentum and was known in modern times as Girgenti, until its name was changed in … Continue reading

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Agri Decumates

AGRI DECUMATES   Dekumatenland.  Roman region east of the Rhine, extending from the lowest reaches of the River Lahn southwards across the Main to include the valley of the Neckar and the Black Forest. When the Romans withdrew to the Rhine … Continue reading

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