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Burgundian Imperial Circle

BURGUNDIAN IMPERIAL CIRCLE   BURGUNDISCHER REICHSKREIS. The Circle was formed in 1512 and most of the lands within it were those inherited by the Habsburgs through the marriage of the (future) Emperor Maximilian with the heiress of Charles the Bold, Duke … Continue reading

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BREGENZ Medieval County in the Holy Roman Empire, named from the town, now in western Austria, on the eastern shores of Lake Constance (Bodensee). The County was held by a branch of the Udalrichinger, and when that line died out, … Continue reading

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BONNDORF Imperial Lordship in the southern Black Forest in southwest Germany.  The town is not far from the borders of the Swiss canton of Schaffhausen. Bonndorf was part of the Landgraviate of Stuhlingen in the later middle ages, but when … Continue reading

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BADEN(Switzerland) Medieval county Briefly a Canton in the Helvetic Republic The name being taken from the town, which stands on the River Limmat, northwest of Zürich. In the 11th century Baden belonged to the County of Lenzburg, which covered much … Continue reading

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Austria ~ Hereditary Lands

AUSTRIA ~ Hereditary Lands   Die ERBLANDE. The lands of the House of Habsburg which were held by hereditary right.   Until the 17th century these consisted of lands in the south of the Holy Roman Empire, extending from Alsace to Carinthia, … Continue reading

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Austria ~ Duchy and Archduchy

AUSTRIA ~ Duchy and Archduchy Originally the OSTMARK, the Eastern march (of Bavaria), for which the name Ostarrichi was used as early as 996. Carolingian Bavaria had an eastern Mark, which after the destruction of Avar power in the 890s extended … Continue reading

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AUSTRIA   ÖSTERREICH. The name means “eastern realm” and was used for the eastern lands in the Lombard Kingdom in northern Italy and for the eastern Frankish kingdom of the Merovingian era.   Merovingian Austria is now usually called Austrasia to distinguish … Continue reading

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Albertine Lands (Habsburg)

In 1379 the Habsburg lands were partitioned between two brothers.   Duke Albert III and his descendants – the senior line of the Habsburgs –  held Austria above and below the Enns (not as extensive as the present-day Länder of Oberösterreich … Continue reading

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