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Crna Gora

CRNA GORA The Serbian name of a country that in English is translated as Black Mountain and in Italian as MONTENEGRO. The old spelling of Tzernagora indicates the pronunciation.

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CATTARO    Italian name for the Montenegrin port of KOTOR. Like much of the Adriatic seaboard it remained Byzantine long after the interior was lost.  In the 11th century Cattaro was associated with the Principality of Duklja, a forerunner of Montenegro, … Continue reading

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Byzantine Empire

BYZANTINE EMPIRE   Also called in English the Eastern Roman Empire, the Later RomanEmpire, or from the Latin name of the Greek city of Byzantion, site of the later Constantinople, BYZANTIUM. 1. Origins. The Byzantine Empire was the continuation of the … Continue reading

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BRDA Region now in central Montenegro, which in the 18th century lay east and northeast of the Prince-Bishopric of Montenegro, though its tribal chieftains usually cooperated with the Prince-Bishop. After the Montenegrins had trounced the Ottomans in battle in 1796, … Continue reading

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BAR(1) Present (Serbo-Croat) name of ANTIVARI, a port in Montenegro.

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ANTIVARI    Italian name of BAR, also called Tivari (Albanian), Antibarum (Latin) and Antibari A port in southern Montenegro, the last name mentioned above gives the meaning clearly, for it is on the opposite side of the Adriatic from Bari. It became … Continue reading

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