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CORON   KORÓNI. Town in the east of the southwestern peninsula in the Peloponnese in southern Greece, held by Venice, 1206-1500 and 1685-1715.

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CHALCIDICE    KHALKIDHÍKE. Greek peninsula in the Aegean Sea, itself having three peninsulas. It is southeast of Thessalonica, and generally shared the same fate as that city.   In the mid-14th century however the central and eastern districts of Chalcidice were in … Continue reading

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Central Macedonia

CENTRAL MACEDONIA   KEDRIKÍ MAKEDHONÍA. Region in northern Greece formed in 1987 when the large region of Macedonia was split up. It consists of the following nomói (departments):  (clockwise from the southeast) Chalcidice, Thessalonica, Piería, Imathía, Pélla, Kilkís and Serres.

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