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COMO City of northern Italy, on the southern shore of the lake that bears its name, NNW of Milan; A province of modern Italy The Bishop of Como had committal powers in the early years of the Holy Roman Empire.   … Continue reading

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BRESCIA City in northern Italy; A province in modern Italy. On the northern edge of the Po Plain, lying west of the southern end of Lake Garda, and on the route between Verona and Milan. Originally the Celtic town of … Continue reading

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BERGAMO City in northern Italy, northeast of Milan; A province in the Lombardia region. The city was one of the virtually independent cities of northern Italy in the 12th and much of the 13th centuries, though in the later 13th … Continue reading

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BELLINZONA    Bellenz. District around the town of Bellinzona, on the River Ticino, now in southern Switzerland; A Canton in the Helvetic Republic. Bellinzona was held by the Count of Misox in the early 15th century.   In 1419 he sold it … Continue reading

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Ambrosian Republic

AMBROSIAN REPUBLIC Oligarchic régime in Milan 1447-50. It was established after the death, without legitimate children, of Filippo Maria, the last Visconti Duke, and was named after St Ambrose, Bishop of the city 374-97, and subsequently its patron saint.  Some … Continue reading

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ALESSANDRIA    City (its district is the Alessandrino) and province in northwestern Italy.    The city, which stands on the River Tanaro, a tributary of the Po, lies ESE of Turin and southwest of Milan.   It was built by the anti-Imperial Lombard … Continue reading

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