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BRUNSWICK-LÜNEBURG   Braunschweig-Lüneburg. Major division of the Duchy of Brunswick.  Lüneburg is southeast of Hamburg, on the River Ilmenau, a tributary of the Elbe.  Its lands formed the original territory of the Welf dynasty in northern Germany, inherited through Wulfhilda, the … Continue reading

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BRUNSWICK-CELLE    BRAUNSCHWEIG-CELLE. Celle is a town on the River Aller, a tributary of the Weser, northeast of Hanover.   It became the residence of the Dukes of Brunswick-Lüneburg in the late 14th century.   As a result of a long dispute with … Continue reading

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BRUNSWICK-CALENBERG   BRAUNSCHWEIG-CALENBERG. Calenberg was a castle east of the River Leine;  its ruins are by the village of Altcalenberg, a little to the north of Nordstemmen and lying south of Hanover.  The Calenberger Land runs northwestwards from the castle, mostly … Continue reading

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Bremen ~ Archbishopric

BREMEN  ~ Archbishopric. See also BREMEN ~ City-state The city on the estuary of the Weser in northern Germany became the seat of a Bishop, a suffragan of Cologne, in 787.   In 848 the diocese was merged with the recently created Archdiocese … Continue reading

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BENTHEIM   Former Imperial County (Grafschaft) in northwestern Germany;  the town is now in southwest Niedersachsen, lying between the town of Rheine, which is on the River Ems, and the Dutch border.   The southwestern Landkreis in the region of Weser-Ems in … Continue reading

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AURICH Northwesternmost administrative region (Regierungsbezirk) in the Land of Niedersachsen, 1946-78, and previously in the Prussian province of Hanover.   It was named after the town that had earlier been the capital of  the County of East Friesland, whose lands formed the Regierungsbezirk. … Continue reading

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ALLER The northern department in the Kingdom of Westphalia, whose King was Jerome Bonaparte.   It was added to the Kingdom in 1810.   Formerly part of the Electorate of Hanover, it had been held by Prussia from 1805 until 1807, when … Continue reading

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