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CLEVES   KLEVE (Ger); Clèves (Fr). County, later Duchy, in the Holy Roman Empire. There is now a Landkreis of Kleve in Nordrhein-Westfalen, with territory on both banks of the lower Rhine, in the area where the river is about to … Continue reading

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CHAROLAIS    Or, Charollais. Medieval County in the south of French Burgundy, east of the Bourbonnais; An enclave of Habsburg territory within the borders of France, 1493-1659/1684. Charolles, its capital, is WNW of Macon, and southwest of Chalon-sur-Saône. Its Vicomte in … Continue reading

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Burgundian Imperial Circle

BURGUNDIAN IMPERIAL CIRCLE   BURGUNDISCHER REICHSKREIS. The Circle was formed in 1512 and most of the lands within it were those inherited by the Habsburgs through the marriage of the (future) Emperor Maximilian with the heiress of Charles the Bold, Duke … Continue reading

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BASSIGNY District in east central France, centred on the upper Marne but extending to the upper Meuse. It was a County until the early 11th century (the name is said to come from an early Count), after which it broke … Continue reading

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AUXONNE Medieval county, on the borders of France, belonging to the Kingdom of Burgundy (the Empire from 1032), named after a town, which stands on the left bank of the River Saône, ESE of Dijon and west of Besançon, now … Continue reading

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AUXOIS Pays in Burgundy in east central France, and once a county.   It gets its name from Alesia, the Gaulish city which was the scene of the victory of Caesar over Vercingetorex in 52 BC, and whose site is believed … Continue reading

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