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CALIACRA Southeasternmost county of Romania, 1913-1940. Part of the Southern Dobrudja, Bulgarian before 1913 and since 1940.

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Bulgaria ~ Country

BULGARIA   BULGARIYA ~ Country See also BULGARIA ~ Byzantine themes Country in the eastern Balkans, south of the Danube, with coast on the Black Sea.   The language of the Bulgarians is Slavonic, a consequence of  the Slav incursions into the Balkans, … Continue reading

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BOSNIA    BOSNA (SbC and Tk);  Bosznia (Magyar). Region in the northwestern Balkans, originally the name of a small district, but later used for a wider region, and for:- A Hungarian banate (province); A Kingdom; An Ottoman eyelat (province) from 1580; … Continue reading

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ALBANIA(1)    SHQIPËRIA. Independent country in the western Balkans since 1913, and a region before that of varying extent. 1. Origins.  Its inhabitants are generally believed to be the descendants of the Illyrians, who lived in much of the western … Continue reading

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ALAÇAHISAR Ottoman district (sanjak) in Serbia in the 16th century;  the valley of the Western Morava and the middle part of that of the River Morava.   The sanjak was named from the Turkish form of Kruševac, on the Western Morava, … Continue reading

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Aegean Macedonia

AEGEAN MACEDONIA The part of MACEDONIA allocated to Greece after the Balkan Wars of 1912-3.

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