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Cross of Tipperary

CROSS OF TIPPERARY Former Irish county: see TIPPERARY. link_coming_soon

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COVASNA Present-day județ (county) in central Romania. Before 1918 it formed easternmost Transylvania (the county of Háromszék) and between the wars was, more or less, the Romanian județ of Trei Scaune. Sfîntu Gheorghe, the capital of all these counties, is on … Continue reading

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BJELOVAR-BILOGORA   A zupanija (county) in present-day Croatia, with Bjelovar as capital, and lying east of the county of Zagreb.   The Bilogora is a range of mountains separating the zupanija from the valley of the Drave.  

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Barrois Mouvant

BARROIS MOUVANT This was the part of the County (later Duchy) of Bar which lay west of the Meuse, for which, in 1301, the King of France demanded that homage be paid to him. The phrase conjures up a picture … Continue reading

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ÅNGERMANLAND Former province in northern Sweden, through which the lower course of the River Angerman flows.  Its chief town was Härnösand, on the Gulf of Bothnia.  It is now the northern and larger part of the county of Västernorrland.

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AKERSHUS County in southern Norway, around the city and county of Oslo, at the head of Oslofjord.   The former province of Aggershus included Oslo, and took its name from a castle built in the reign of Haakon V (1299-1319) between … Continue reading

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