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CHIAVENNA Former County north of Lake Como, belonging to the Grisons, 1512-1797, now in the Italian province of Sondrio, which contains the Val Tellina, which also belonged to the Grisons.

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BRIXEN Former Bishopric, the southwestern diocese in the province of Salzburg, lying on both side of the Alps.   The city, now in northern Italy and called BRESSANONE, stands near the confluence of the Rivers Isarco and Rienza, the former leading … Continue reading

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Bavaria ~ Detailed History ~ Early Bavaria

Bavaria ~ Detailed History ~ Early Bavaria The name of the Bavarians only appears about the middle of the 6th century, so while the Romans ruled in much of the region the name was unknown. For the Romans the Danube formed … Continue reading

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BAVARIA     BAYERN. Land in south eastern Germany, and former Duchy, Electorate and Kingdom, and one of the longest lasting political units in European history, though its borders have changed. The present Land of Bavaria (Bayern) stretches northwards from the Allgäuer, … Continue reading

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BASSES-ALPES Inland département (04) in southeastern France, formed from Provence in 1790 but which changed its name to ALPES-DE-HAUTE-PROVENCE in 1970. With the growth of tourism, a name that meant Low Alps could perhaps be off-putting, as those who want … Continue reading

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AURADE   Or, Auriade, or Auriate. A county in the 10th and 11th centuries in much of what is now the province of Cuneo in southwestern Piedmont in northwest Italy.   The family that held it also acquired the Marquisate of Turin … Continue reading

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AOSTA   AOSTE (Fr). Province of northwestern Italy, named after its capital, a town on the Italian side of the Alps at the junction of the routes over the Great and Little St Bernard Passes.   Aosta, once Augusta Praetoria, is one … Continue reading

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Alpes Graiae et Poeninae

ALPES GRAIAE ET POENINAE    Or, Alpes Poeninae et Graiae. Roman province.   In the early 3rd century, simply Alpes Graiae.   The Graian Alps are separated from the Mont Blanc massif by the Little St Bernard Pass;  the Pennine Alps, further north, … Continue reading

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Alpes Cottiae

ALPES COTTIAE The middle of three Roman provinces which lay in the Alps between Cisalpine Gaul (now northern Italy) and Gaul in Augustus’s day.   It was named after the mountain range now called the Alpi Cozie, in which the River … Continue reading

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Alpen und Donau Reichsgaue

ALPEN UND DONAU REICHSGAUE From 1942 the Alpine and Danubian state districts was the politically correct name in the Third Reich for the lands of former Austria.

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ALLGÄU    Or, Algäu. District in early Germany, now mostly in the southwestern corner of Bavaria but earlier in eastern Swabia.   Much of it is drained by the River Iller.   Allgäu survives in place-names such as Immenstadt-im Allgäu, the Allgäuer Alps … Continue reading

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AGOGNA Westernmost department in the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy, extending from the River Po to the Alps northwest and west of Lake Maggiore.  Its capital, Novara, stood above the River Agogna, a tributary of the Po. Its territory had belonged … Continue reading

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