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CAPITANATA District in the northwest of Apulia, including the Gargnano peninsula (the “spur of Italy”) and the neighbouring coastlands and interior.   It took its name from the Catapan, the principal officer of the Byzantine Empire in southern Italy after the … Continue reading

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BENEVENTO Lombard Duchy, then Principality, in southern Italy; A Papal possession; An inland province in the Campania region, named from its capital, which lies in the Apennine valley of the River Calore, a tributary of the Volturno. The city is … Continue reading

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BARI City and seaport, which began as a Greek colony (Barion), on the Adriatic Sea in southeastern Italy; A late medieval Duchy; A province in modern Italy. Bari belonged to the Lombard Principality of Benevento, c.668-847, when it was seized … Continue reading

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AVERSA A Norman County in southern Italy (the town is north of Naples), granted to the Norman leader Rainulf by Duke Sergius of Naples in 1030 and by the Emperor Conrad II in 1038.   It thus appeared earlier than the … Continue reading

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AVELLINO Apennine Province in southern Italy, belonging to the Campania region.   The town of Avellino is in the west of the province, north of Salerno and east of Naples.   The region belonged to the late Roman province of Samnium and … Continue reading

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AMALFI City on the Gulf of Salerno in southern Italy;  originally a Greek colony.   In the Dark Ages it belonged to the Duchy of Naples, a vassal-state of Byzantium, until it was conquered by the Lombard Principality of Benevento in … Continue reading

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