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Clermont ~ Auvergne

CLERMONT, Auvergne. Seat of the Bishop in the Auvergne in south central France, whose diocese has belonged to the province of Bourges, except during 1790-1802, when it was part of the province of Lyon. The Bishop was lord of part … Continue reading

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CARLAT   Carladais (pays). Vicomté in southwestern Auvergne;  Carlat is southeast of Aurillac. Near the end of the 10th century, the Vicomte assumed the title of Count.   The lands were subsequently divided between two brothers.    The portion belonging to one passed … Continue reading

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CANTAL The Département du Cantal (15) is in south central France. It takes its name from a mountain range, whose highest point is the Plomb de Cantal, in the west of the Massif Central. It was formed in 1790 from … Continue reading

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BOURBON     Bourbonnais (pays). Medieval lordship, later a Duchy;   An Ancien Régime gouvernement. Situated in central France, north of the Massif Central, and focussed on the River Allier.   The castle of Bourbon l’Archambault, as it became known from the Christian … Continue reading

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BOULOGNE    Boulonnais (pays). A medieval county in northern France; A petit gouvernement in the Ancien Régime; A Bishopric. The town of Boulogne-sur-Mer stands on  the English Channel as it becomes the Straits of Dover. 1.  The County was an old … Continue reading

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AUVERGNE Former gouvernement; Present Region. in south central France. The valley of the northward flowing River Allier is the core of the region; the Monts du Forez and the Monts du Velay border it on the east (though in early … Continue reading

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AUSTRASIA     AUSTRASIE (Fr);  AUSTRASIEN (Ger). The eastern realm or kingdom in the Kingdom of the Franks. When Clovis died in 511, his Frankish Kingdom was partitioned amongst his four sons.  The eldest son, Theuderic, held the eastern lands (roughly speaking … Continue reading

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ALLIER The Département de l’Allier (03) is in central France.   It is drained by the Cher (in the far west, around Montluçon), the Loire (which forms much of the eastern border) and the Allier itself (somewhat east of centre) as … Continue reading

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