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BRNO     Brünn. The capital of Moravia, the eastern land of the Kingdom of Bohemia and of the present Czech Republic.   In the 12th century it was held as a principality by cadets of the Premyslids, the ruling House of Bohemia.   … Continue reading

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Breslau ~ Bishopric

BRESLAU ~ Bishopric. See also BRESLAU ~ Duchy   Bishopric in Silesia. The city of WROCŁAW, Polish since 1945, is on the River Oder, at a place where the river divides into several channels. Silesia was originally part of Poland, but the … Continue reading

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BOHEMIA    ÈECHY (Cz); Böhmen (Ger). A region in central Europe; The Kingdom which included that region. The region of Bohemia proper is the west of the present Czech Republic, and lies in the basin of the River Elbe, which, as … Continue reading

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BAUTZEN    Earlier Budissen, German form of Budyšin (Sorb). Town on the upper River Spree, now in eastern Sachsen in eastern Germany. The district around it was held by the Prince of Poland when he acquired the Mark of Lusatia as … Continue reading

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Austria ~ Duchy and Archduchy

AUSTRIA ~ Duchy and Archduchy Originally the OSTMARK, the Eastern march (of Bavaria), for which the name Ostarrichi was used as early as 996. Carolingian Bavaria had an eastern Mark, which after the destruction of Avar power in the 890s extended … Continue reading

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ASCH    Now Aš.  A town in the northwest of the Czech Republic.   It lies within a district which is shaped like a finger thrusting into Germany, thereby separating the northeastern corner of Bavaria from Saxony. The district belonged to the … Continue reading

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