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CORON   KORÓNI. Town in the east of the southwestern peninsula in the Peloponnese in southern Greece, held by Venice, 1206-1500 and 1685-1715.

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CORINTH   KÓRINTHOS. Nome (department) in the northeast Peloponnese, between the Gulf of Corinth and the Saronic Gulf, in the Peloponnese Region, and named after the city on the isthmus between the two Gulfs. Before 1899 and during part of the … Continue reading

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CEZAYIR   al-Cezayir, The Islands. Ottoman province, first formed in 1533, under the authority of the Grand Admiral and consisting of the islands of the Aegean, the region around Izmir, some of the lands bordering the Straits, central Greece, and the … Continue reading

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CERIGO   Italian form of KÍTHIRA (Cythera, old spelling) Greek island off the coast of the southeastern Peloponnese (said to be the island where Aphrodite rose from the waves). After the Fourth Crusade and the destruction of the Byzantine Empire in … Continue reading

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ATHENS     ATHÍNAI.   Capital of Greece and of ATTICA, it also gave its name to the Crusader Duchy of Athens, 1205-1460, though the actual capital of the Duchy was Thebes, which was then bigger than Athens. After the Crusaders had captured … Continue reading

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ARGOLIS Eastern nome (department) in the Peloponnesos Region in southern Greece, on the northern and western shores of the Gulf of Argolis. In the late 12th century, with the Byzantine Empire incompetently led, a local noble, Leo Sgouros, the hereditary … Continue reading

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ACHAEA   AKHAÍA;  Achaia. District in Ancient Greece and a nome (department) in present-day Greece, which gave its name to a Roman province and a Crusader Principality, both larger than the district. The Achaeans were one of the principal peoples who … Continue reading

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