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CRIMEA KRYM; Krim (Tk). Peninsula in the northern Black Sea, called by the ancient Greeks Chersonesus Taurica, the peninsula of the Tauri (the people living there). The southern shores of the peninsula were colonised intermittently by Greeks and Byzantines, the northern lands were … Continue reading

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CRETE KRÍTI; Creta (Lat); Candia (It); Girit (Tk). Island in the eastern Mediterranean (the fifth largest Mediterranean island) and the southernmost region of Greece. It was part of the Roman Empire, forming a province with Cyrenaica on the north African coast until … Continue reading

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CORON   KORÓNI. Town in the east of the southwestern peninsula in the Peloponnese in southern Greece, held by Venice, 1206-1500 and 1685-1715.

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CORINTH   KÓRINTHOS. Nome (department) in the northeast Peloponnese, between the Gulf of Corinth and the Saronic Gulf, in the Peloponnese Region, and named after the city on the isthmus between the two Gulfs. Before 1899 and during part of the … Continue reading

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CORFU   KÉRKIRA; Kerkyra. #96447383 / The second largest and northernmost of the Ionian Islands, except for some very small ones;  its northeasternmost shores are separated by a narrow channel from Albania. It forms a nome or department in present-day … Continue reading

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CONSTANTINOPLE The city built by the Emperor Constantine the Great on the site of the Greek city of Byzantion (Byzantium to the Romans) as capital for the Eastern Roman Empire – the new Rome. It was capital for the Roman … Continue reading

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CHIOS   KHÍOS. Eastern Aegean island, lying west of the peninsula near Izmir (Smyrna) in western Anatolia and north of the Dodecanese; A nome (department) in Greece. It was generally Byzantine before 1204, though the Arabs held it in the 670s … Continue reading

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CHALCIDICE    KHALKIDHÍKE. Greek peninsula in the Aegean Sea, itself having three peninsulas. It is southeast of Thessalonica, and generally shared the same fate as that city.   In the mid-14th century however the central and eastern districts of Chalcidice were in … Continue reading

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CEZAYIR   al-Cezayir, The Islands. Ottoman province, first formed in 1533, under the authority of the Grand Admiral and consisting of the islands of the Aegean, the region around Izmir, some of the lands bordering the Straits, central Greece, and the … Continue reading

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CERIGO   Italian form of KÍTHIRA (Cythera, old spelling) Greek island off the coast of the southeastern Peloponnese (said to be the island where Aphrodite rose from the waves). After the Fourth Crusade and the destruction of the Byzantine Empire in … Continue reading

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CEPHALONIA    KEFALLINÍA. The largest of the Ionian Islands, in the Ionian Sea west of the exit of the Gulf of Patras;  it has given its name to territories that include more than the island:- A Byzantine theme; A Crusader county; … Continue reading

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Central Macedonia

CENTRAL MACEDONIA   KEDRIKÍ MAKEDHONÍA. Region in northern Greece formed in 1987 when the large region of Macedonia was split up. It consists of the following nomói (departments):  (clockwise from the southeast) Chalcidice, Thessalonica, Piería, Imathía, Pélla, Kilkís and Serres.

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Central Greece & Euboea

CENTRAL GREECE & EUBOEA   STEREA ELLÁS KAÍ ÉVVOIA. Region in Greece before 1987 consisting of the five nomói (departments) now in the region of Central Greece together with Aetolia & Acarnania, which became part of Western Greece in 1987, and Attica, … Continue reading

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Central Greece

CENTRAL GREECE    STEREA ELLÁS. Greek Region formed in 1987, consisting of the  nomói (departments) of (clockwise from the southeast) Boeotia, Phocis, Evrytania, Phthiotis, and Euboea.

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Catalan Duchy


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