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CRES CHERSO (It). Island in the Gulf of Quarnero (Kvanerić), east of Istria. It belonged to medieval Croatia (and so to Hungary after 1102). For a couple of decades in the 14th century it was under Venetian suzerainty, but had returned to … Continue reading

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CHROBATIA   Or, Northern Croatia or White Croatia. Old name for the upper Vistula region.  When principalities appeared in Poland this region became known as LITTLE POLAND.

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CHERSO Italian name for the island of  CRES.  

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Byzantine Empire

BYZANTINE EMPIRE   Also called in English the Eastern Roman Empire, the Later RomanEmpire, or from the Latin name of the Greek city of Byzantion, site of the later Constantinople, BYZANTIUM. 1. Origins. The Byzantine Empire was the continuation of the … Continue reading

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BROD-POSAVINA   County in Croatia;  see SLAVONSKI BROD-POSAVINA. link_to_follow

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BRIBIR   Town and district in northern Dalmatia (today in the Republic of Croatia).   The town stood on the River Krka, north of Sibenik. Its ruling family, the Šubići, were for a time the most important in Dalmatia and Croatia, and also … Continue reading

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BOSNIA-HERCEGOVINA;  BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA (Ger). A territory administered by Austria-Hungary, later annexed; A region within Yugoslavia, which formed one of the member Republics after 1946; An independent state since 1991. Under the terms of the Treaty of Berlin, July 1878, Bosnia-Herzegovina, though … Continue reading

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BJELOVAR-KRIŽEVCI   BELOVÁR-KÖRÖS (Magyar). A county in Croatia-Slavonia, belonging to the Kingdom of Hungary before 1918.   Its capital was Bjelovar, it lay east of the county of Zagreb and south of the River Drave.   Križevci was another town in the county, … Continue reading

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BJELOVAR-BILOGORA   A zupanija (county) in present-day Croatia, with Bjelovar as capital, and lying east of the county of Zagreb.   The Bilogora is a range of mountains separating the zupanija from the valley of the Drave.  

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BIHAÆ Town in the northwestern corner of Bosnia-Herzegovina. At the time of Bosnian independence in 1992 it was the stronghold of Fikret Abdiæ, a Moslem political chieftain engaged in shady commerce, who traded with the Bosnian Serbs in the Banja … Continue reading

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BARANYA County in southern Hungary, west of the Danube;  its capital is Pécs.  A small part of the county (spelt Baranja in Serbo-Croat) was transferred to Yugoslavia in 1920.   It was temporarily restored to Hungary, 1941-5, and is now in … Continue reading

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