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CRETE KRÍTI; Creta (Lat); Candia (It); Girit (Tk). Island in the eastern Mediterranean (the fifth largest Mediterranean island) and the southernmost region of Greece. It was part of the Roman Empire, forming a province with Cyrenaica on the north African coast until … Continue reading

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CONSTANTINOPLE The city built by the Emperor Constantine the Great on the site of the Greek city of Byzantion (Byzantium to the Romans) as capital for the Eastern Roman Empire – the new Rome. It was capital for the Roman … Continue reading

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BAETICA   Hispania Baetica. Roman province in southern Hispania, taking its name from the River Baetis, the Roman name for the Guadalquivir.   It was similar in extent to modern Andalucía,without its easternmost districts, plus southern Extremadura:  its northern limit was the … Continue reading

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Apulia et Calabria

APULIA ET CALABRIA Province in southeastern Italy in the late Roman Empire, joining Calabria, the heel of Italy, with Apulia to the northwest, a district that included the “spur” of Italy.  The old province is now the region of Puglia … Continue reading

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