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CARNIOLA    KRAIN  (Ger); KRANJSKA (Slovene). A Mark on the southeastern borders of the Holy Roman Empire; An Austrian Crownland; Briefly a province of the French Empire. Most of it lay in the upper basin of the River Sava, which rose … Continue reading

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CARINTHIA   KÄRNTEN;  Koruska (Slovene). Duchy in the Holy Roman Empire; Crownland in the Austrian Empire; Briefly a province in the French Empire Land in modern Austria. It is an Alpine region, on the southern side of the range, and is … Continue reading

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Burgundian Imperial Circle

BURGUNDIAN IMPERIAL CIRCLE   BURGUNDISCHER REICHSKREIS. The Circle was formed in 1512 and most of the lands within it were those inherited by the Habsburgs through the marriage of the (future) Emperor Maximilian with the heiress of Charles the Bold, Duke … Continue reading

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BREISGAU Region in the southwestern corner of Germany, once a Frankish county.  The name is used particularly for the Habsburg possessions in that region;  it was also the name of a short-lived Duchy, 1801-5.   The name comes from Breisach, which … Continue reading

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BREGENZ Medieval County in the Holy Roman Empire, named from the town, now in western Austria, on the eastern shores of Lake Constance (Bodensee). The County was held by a branch of the Udalrichinger, and when that line died out, … Continue reading

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BERN    BERNE (the French spelling remains the normal English one as well).    Imperial Free City; Canton (BE). In west central Switzerland. Now the capital of Switzerland, the city, protected by a great loop in the River Aare, was founded … Continue reading

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Bavaria ~ Detailed History ~ The Electors of Bavaria

Bavaria ~ Detailed History ~ The Electors of Bavaria While the sons of Albert IV reigned in Bavaria the Reformation broke out in Germany.   The Dukes of Bavaria became the most zealous defenders of the Catholic Church and the most zealous … Continue reading

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BADENWEILER Town and former Imperial lordship in southwest Baden-Württemberg, north of Lorrach. Part of the lands of the Dukes of Zähringen, it became the dowry of Clementia of Zähringen when she married Henry the Lion, Duke of Saxony, c.1148.  He … Continue reading

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Austrian Imperial Circle

AUSTRIAN IMPERIAL CIRCLE   ÖSTERREICHISCHER REICHSKREIS. Formed in 1512, the Circle mostly consisted of Habsburg territory, including the Habsburg lands in Alsace (until 1648, when they became French), the Breisgau and Swabia, though the Habsburg lands in the Netherlands and the … Continue reading

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Albertine Lands (Habsburg)

In 1379 the Habsburg lands were partitioned between two brothers.   Duke Albert III and his descendants – the senior line of the Habsburgs –  held Austria above and below the Enns (not as extensive as the present-day Länder of Oberösterreich … Continue reading

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AARGAU    Argovie(Fr);  Argovia. (1) District in the East Frankish Kingdom, mostly between the Rivers Aare and Reuss, now in northern Switzerland;  (2) a Canton of the Helvetic Republic, lying west of the lowest reaches of the Aare;  and (3) since … Continue reading

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