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CRIMEA KRYM; Krim (Tk). Peninsula in the northern Black Sea, called by the ancient Greeks Chersonesus Taurica, the peninsula of the Tauri (the people living there). The southern shores of the peninsula were colonised intermittently by Greeks and Byzantines, the northern lands were … Continue reading

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Cetatea Albă

CETATEA ALBĂ The easternmost judeţ  (county) in inter-war Romania, bounded by the Dniester to the north and the Black Sea to the east. It had earlier belonged to the Ottoman district of Bujak and the Russian province of Bessarabia, and … Continue reading

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BUJAK     BUDZHAK (Rus and Ukr);  BUGEAC (Rum);  Bucak (Tk). Region on the Black Sea coast, now in Ukraine, lying between the lowest course of the Danube, including its delta, and the estuary of the Dniester. It was part of the … Continue reading

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Black Sea Province/District

BLACK SEA PROVINCE/DISTRICT     CHERNOMORSKAYA.   A strip of territory in the Russian Empire between the Black Sea and the northwestern Caucasus, extending from the region around Anapa and Novorossiysk southeastwards to the borders of Abkhazia. The region had been subject to … Continue reading

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BITHYNIA Ancient district in northwest Asia Minor, east of the Bosphorus and on the southwestern shores of the Black Sea.

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AZOV 18th century Russian province, named after a town on the outflow of the River Don into the Sea of Azov, the northeastern arm of the Black Sea.  The original settlement, the Greek Tanais, was not far away.   The Grand … Continue reading

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ANATOLIKON Byzantine theme in central and southeastern Anatolia, probably from the reign of Constans II (641-68), at first a military zone but later in charge of civil matters as well, so the equivalent of a province. During the second quarter … Continue reading

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ADZHARIA  Adjaria; Ajaria. Autonomous Republic in southwestern Georgia; capital Batumi.  It lies at the western end of the Lesser Caucasus, on the eastern shores of the Black Sea, and  bordering on Turkey. The region, on the edge of the Byzantine … Continue reading

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