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CRETE KRÍTI; Creta (Lat); Candia (It); Girit (Tk). Island in the eastern Mediterranean (the fifth largest Mediterranean island) and the southernmost region of Greece. It was part of the Roman Empire, forming a province with Cyrenaica on the north African coast until … Continue reading

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BOURGES     City in central France, WNW of Nevers and ESE of Orleans.  It was the chief city of the Biturges, a Celtic people, and became the Roman city of Avaricum, the capital of the Roman province of Aquitania, and then … Continue reading

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AVELLINO Apennine Province in southern Italy, belonging to the Campania region.   The town of Avellino is in the west of the province, north of Salerno and east of Naples.   The region belonged to the late Roman province of Samnium and … Continue reading

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AQUITANIA    Or, Aquitanica. Roman province in southwestern Gaul. The original Roman province, which was formed before Caesar’s conquest of Gaul, lay between the Pyrenees and the River Garonne below its confluence with the Tarn.  It included the upper reaches of … Continue reading

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Alpes Maritimae

ALPES MARITIMAE The Alpine province bordering on the Mediterranean in Augustus’s reign.   In the reorganisation of the late third century it belonged to the southern Gaul diocese of Viennensis.

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Alpes Cottiae

ALPES COTTIAE The middle of three Roman provinces which lay in the Alps between Cisalpine Gaul (now northern Italy) and Gaul in Augustus’s day.   It was named after the mountain range now called the Alpi Cozie, in which the River … Continue reading

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