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CRES CHERSO (It). Island in the Gulf of Quarnero (Kvanerić), east of Istria. It belonged to medieval Croatia (and so to Hungary after 1102). For a couple of decades in the 14th century it was under Venetian suzerainty, but had returned to … Continue reading

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BELGRADE     BEOGRAD. City at the confluence of the Rivers Danube and Sava, capital of Serbia and Yugoslavia.  As the Roman city of Singidunum, it was the headquarters of the Danube fleet, and was, except when Dacia was held by Rome, … Continue reading

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BARANYA County in southern Hungary, west of the Danube;  its capital is Pécs.  A small part of the county (spelt Baranja in Serbo-Croat) was transferred to Yugoslavia in 1920.   It was temporarily restored to Hungary, 1941-5, and is now in … Continue reading

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BAÈKA  Bácska (Magyar) Serbo-Croat name (pronounced “Bachka”) of a district bounded by the Danube to the west and south and by the Tisza to the east;  now mainly in northwestern Serbia, though the north is in Hungary. It was in Ottoman Hungary until … Continue reading

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