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City States of Italy

CITY-STATES of Italy Of all the regions of Europe the Italian peninsula was the one where city-states most flourished and abounded.   Many of the cities of the Roman era survived;  they had a proud history and a tradition of self-government. … Continue reading

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CALABRIA Roman district in the heel of Italy, which became the south of the late Roman province of Apulia et Calabria; A Byzantine theme; A modern Italian region. …but in these two latter cases Calabria means the toe of Italy, … Continue reading

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Byzantine Italy

BYZANTINE ITALY The Italian peninsula lay in the western half of the Roman Empire after its division in the late 3rd century and its permanent separation in 395.   In the late 480s the Ostrogoths, with the sanction of the Emperor … Continue reading

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BENEVENTO Lombard Duchy, then Principality, in southern Italy; A Papal possession; An inland province in the Campania region, named from its capital, which lies in the Apennine valley of the River Calore, a tributary of the Volturno. The city is … Continue reading

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AQUILEIA    AQUILÈIA. Now a village in northeastern Italy, near the Laguna di Marano, northwest of Trieste, but a very important city in the later Roman Empire.   Its importance led to the Bishop being raised to metropolitan status, with ecclesiastical jurisdiction … Continue reading

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APULIA    PUGLIA. Roman region Medieval Duchy Contemporary Region in southeastern Italy.   It lies mainly east of the Apennines and extends from the spur of Italy round the heel to the instep. Apulia was one of the regions formed in … Continue reading

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ANCONA City on the Adriatic. A great March between the Apennines and the Adriatic (see MARCHE, Le).   A province in  central Italy. Ancona was originally a Greek city and belonged to the Pentapolis, which was recovered by the Byzantine … Continue reading

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