Town in northern Italy, ESE of Milan and northwest of Cremona. It was an ally of Milan in the early struggles against the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, but fell to him in 1160 and was largely destroyed.

Cremona was given dominance over it. Rebuilt in the 1180s and sold to Cremona in 1191, its independence was reestablished in 1196 with the help of Milan. It became part of the lands of Milan in 1335, but after the death of Gaingaleazzo Visconti in 1402 it recovered independence for a time, but fell under Milanese control again in 1422.

In negotiations with Venice in 1449, Sforza, the claimant of Milan, offered Crema to Venice and this was confirmed in the Peace of Lodi in 1454. Thereafter Crema and the district around it formed a Venetian enclave within the Duchy of Milan.

In 1797, when the Venetian Republic was consigned to the dustbin, Crema became part of the Cisalpine Republic and is today in the province of Cremona and the region of Lombardia.

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