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AOSTA   AOSTE (Fr). Province of northwestern Italy, named after its capital, a town on the Italian side of the Alps at the junction of the routes over the Great and Little St Bernard Passes.   Aosta, once Augusta Praetoria, is one … Continue reading

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ANTWERP     ANTWERPEN (Flemish); Anvers (Fr). A Marquisate in the Holy Roman Empire A province in Belgium.   The city and port of Antwerp stands on the right bank of the River Scheldt. (1) The Marquisate was a small district on … Continue reading

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ANTRIM   Aontroim. The northeastern county in Northern Ireland, lying between the River Bann and Lough Neagh in the west and the North Channel in the east. Antrim and Co. Down, to the south, were the remnant of the old Kingdom … Continue reading

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ANTIVARI    Italian name of BAR, also called Tivari (Albanian), Antibarum (Latin) and Antibari A port in southern Montenegro, the last name mentioned above gives the meaning clearly, for it is on the opposite side of the Adriatic from Bari. It became … Continue reading

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ANTIOCH Crusader state in northwestern Syria,1098-1268, with its capital at Antioch, on the River Asi (Orontes).   Antioch is now the Turkish city of ANTAKYA. The city, Antiochaea in Greek, was founded by the Macedonian ruler of much of western Asia, … Continue reading

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ANSBACH   or Brandenburg-Ansbach. Imperial Principality in southeastern Germany, named after its capital, which stands on the River Rezat, a tributary of the Rednitz and eventually of the Main.   The town, which is WSW of Nuremberg, is now a Stadtkreis in the … Continue reading

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ANNANDALE LORDSHIP in southwestern Scotland.  The River Annan rises in the Moffat Hills and flows southwards to the Solway Firth near the town of Annan. The great family of Bruce held the lordship from c.1124 until King Robert the Bruce … Continue reading

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ANNALY Anglicised form of the Gaelic ANGHAILE, a region in central Ireland, lying northeast of Lough Ree.   It was the territory of the O’Ferralls.  At times it came under the lordship, later the county, of Meath, and was included in … Continue reading

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ANJOU County, later Duchy, in northwestern France A gouvernement, occupying both banks of the lower Loire, but more to the north, where the city of Angers stands on the River Maine, the short river that carries the waters of the … Continue reading

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