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Argyll & Bute

ARGYLL & BUTE A district in the Strathclyde region in western Scotland, 1975-6; A unitary authority since 1996. The district united the greater part of the former county of Argyllshire with the island of Bute.   It was also (and still … Continue reading

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ARGYLL     Name of importance in the history of the western Highlands and Islands of  Scotland, but covering regions of widely differing sizes. 1. A region or kingdom of the western Highlands.  Argyll is derived from the Gaelic Earra-Ghàidheal, meaning the … Continue reading

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ARGOVIE The French name of AARGAU.   The Latin form, Argovia, is sometimes used in English.

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ARGOLIS Eastern nome (department) in the Peloponnesos Region in southern Greece, on the northern and western shores of the Gulf of Argolis. In the late 12th century, with the Byzantine Empire incompetently led, a local noble, Leo Sgouros, the hereditary … Continue reading

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ARGES County in south central Romania, on the southern slopes of the Carpathians;  a part of former Wallachia, and named after the River Arges, a tributary of the Danube.

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ARGENGAU Medieval district to the north and northeast of the eastern end of Lake Constance (Bodensee), named after the River Argen.   The great family of Welf were powerful in this region in the 10th -12th centuries.

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ARFON    A cantref in the medieval principality of Gwynedd in northwest Wales.  It included Snowdon and the shores that lay on and westwards of the Menai Straits (its name means opposite Mon, the Welsh name of Anglesey).  In 1284 Arfon … Continue reading

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