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ARRAN(2) The largest island in the Firth of Clyde in western Scotland, close to the Kintyre peninsula.  It was part of the Kingdom of Mann & the Isles, which was ceded to Scotland by Norway in 1266, though it was … Continue reading

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ARRAN(1) An old name for western Azerbaijan, the land between the Rivers Kura and Araks; sometimes extended to include northern Iranian Azerbaijan between the lower Araks and the lower Kura.

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ARQUES Ephemeral medieval County in northern France, formed from the west of the district of Talus in the Duchy of Normandy (the town of Arques is SSE of Dieppe). It was held by William, a bastard son of Duke Richard … Continue reading

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ARNSTEIN     Medieval Imperial lordship in the eastern Harz Mountains, a neighbour of Mansfeld and lying northwest of Halle.  Two branches of the family acquired territory in the region southeast of Magdeburg, at Barby and at Lindow (Lindau).  The Lindow branch … Continue reading

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ARNSBERG Imperial County in northwest Germany; An administrative region (Regierungsbezirk) in Nordrhein-Westfalen, named after the town of Arnsberg, which stands on the River Ruhr, ESE of Dortmund. 1. Conrad, one of the Counts of Werl (which is east of Dortmund), … Continue reading

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ARNO Department in the French Empire, taking its name from the river on which Florence, its capital, stands.  It had been in the northeast of the Kingdom of Etruria (formerly the Grand Duchy of Tuscany), which was annexed by France … Continue reading

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ARMORICA Roman name for the region later called Brittany, from a Gaulish word, Armor, meaning land facing the sea, a name which also extended along the Channel coast beyond Brittany. .  The inland of Brittany was known as Arcoet, the … Continue reading

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ARMENIA   HAYASDAN; Armeniya (Russian). An  immense region in western Asia, much of it a plateau, to the southeast of the Black Sea and the southwest of the Caspian, including Mount Ararat, the upper course of the River Euphrates, the upper … Continue reading

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