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ALPENVORLAND   Name given to the three northern Italian provinces of Bolzano, Trento and Belluno, taken into the Third Reich in the autumn of 1943. On 10 July 1943 Allied forces invaded Sicily.   On 25 July Mussolini was overthrown.   The Germans … Continue reading

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Alpen und Donau Reichsgaue

ALPEN UND DONAU REICHSGAUE From 1942 the Alpine and Danubian state districts was the politically correct name in the Third Reich for the lands of former Austria.

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Almoravid Spain

ALMORAVID SPAIN The Almoravids or MURABITS, in Arabic al-Murabitun, were a strict Islamic sect in northwest Africa in the 11th century whose members lived in a religious community (a ribat, whence the name). Yusuf ibn Tashfin, the nephew of the … Continue reading

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Almohad Spain

ALMOHAD SPAIN The Almohads were a religious movement among the Berbers that emphasised the unity of God;  they were al-Muwahhidun, the upholders of that unity, from which the names Almohads and the alternative MUWAHIDS are derived. A disastrous attempt to seize … Continue reading

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