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BARI City and seaport, which began as a Greek colony (Barion), on the Adriatic Sea in southeastern Italy; A late medieval Duchy; A province in modern Italy. Bari belonged to the Lombard Principality of Benevento, c.668-847, when it was seized … Continue reading

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Apulia et Calabria

APULIA ET CALABRIA Province in southeastern Italy in the late Roman Empire, joining Calabria, the heel of Italy, with Apulia to the northwest, a district that included the “spur” of Italy.  The old province is now the region of Puglia … Continue reading

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ANTIVARI    Italian name of BAR, also called Tivari (Albanian), Antibarum (Latin) and Antibari A port in southern Montenegro, the last name mentioned above gives the meaning clearly, for it is on the opposite side of the Adriatic from Bari. It became … Continue reading

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ANDRIA Inland town in Apulia in southeast Italy, WNW of Bari. In 1265 Bertrand des Baux, who belonged to the Provençal family of Les Baux (Del Balzo), accompanied Charles, Count of Anjou and Provence, on the expedition which brought Charles … Continue reading

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