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CÔTES-DU NORD  See Côtes-d’Armor .

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CORNOUAILLE Southwestern Brittany, its name the result of the the immigration of British into Armorica in the 5th and 6th centuries from, inter alia, Cornwall. A County emerged in the region, and also a Bishopric with its seat at Quimper, … Continue reading

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BRITTANY     BRETAGNE (Fr);  BREIZ (Breton). The northwestern peninsula in France, and A pre-Viking Kingdom; A medieval Duchy; A gouvernement in the Ancien Régime; An administrative region in present-day France. The region was called Armorica in Roman times, but there was … Continue reading

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Breton March

BRETON MARCH A region across the neck of the Breton peninsula and on the lowest reaches of the Loire in northwestern France, established in the later 8th century, or quite possibly before, to protect Neustria (western Francia) from the Kingdom … Continue reading

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ARMORICA Roman name for the region later called Brittany, from a Gaulish word, Armor, meaning land facing the sea, a name which also extended along the Channel coast beyond Brittany. .  The inland of Brittany was known as Arcoet, the … Continue reading

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