CEZAYIR   al-Cezayir, The Islands.

English: Map of Cezayir-i Bahr-i Sefid Vilayet...

English: Map of Cezayir-i Bahr-i Sefid Vilayet, Ottoman Empire (1900) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ottoman province, first formed in 1533, under the authority of the Grand Admiral and consisting of the islands of the Aegean, the region around Izmir, some of the lands bordering the Straits, central Greece, and the Peloponnese (though the last later became the separate province of the Morea).

By the 19th century the province was known as Cezayir-i Bahr-i Sefid (Islands of the White Sea).   Central Greece and the western islands were lost to independent Greece by 1830.

In the later 19th century, in accordance with a new law of 1864, the large provinces (eyalets) were replaced by smaller ones (vilayets), so Cezayir became confined to the remaining islands.   The Dodecanese were lost to Italy in 1912 and most of the remaining islands to Greece in 1913.

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