Black Sea Province/District


A strip of territory in the Russian Empire between the Black Sea and the northwestern Caucasus, extending from the region around Anapa and Novorossiysk southeastwards to the borders of Abkhazia.

Anapa. Russian gate

Anapa. Russian gate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The region had been subject to the Ottoman Empire, though in practical terms it was independent.   Anapa, however, became a fortress for the Turks in the late 18th century.  It was thrice taken by the Russians between 1801 and 1828 and twice returned, but in 1829 the entire district was ceded to Russia in the Treaty of Adrianople and became the Black Sea Province. 

After the Circassians in the mountain districts inland from the province had been subdued in the 1860s, the province (guberniya) of Kuban was extended to include the whole region, though the Black Sea District remained an important military district.

The area is now in the Krasnodar territory of the Russian Federation. 

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