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BERLIN Capital of the Electorate of Brandenburg, of the Kingdom of Prussia, and eventually of united Germany; the city is also a Land in the German Federal Republic. Berlin began as two small towns, Berlin and Kölln, on the River … Continue reading

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Bavaria ~ Detailed History ~ Weimar and the Third Reich

Bavaria ~ Detailed History ~ Weimar and the Third Reich As the Great War ended the German monarchies fell, and Bavaria became a Free State in a federal Germany.   Bavaria lost some territory when, under the terms of the Treaty of … Continue reading

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BADEN(Germany) A principality, successively a Margraviate, Electorate and Grand Duchy, in southwestern Germany (after 1918 a Land in the Weimar Republic); A Nazi Party Gau; A Land  in the postwar period 1.  The Margraviate had taken its name from a … Continue reading

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