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CIS-LEITHNIA   Or, Cis-Leithania; ZISLEITHANIEN. A name for the Austrian half of the Dual monarchy after the Compromise (Ausgleich) of 1867. (The non green area of the map) The River Leitha, a rather insignificant stream, separated Niederösterreich from the Kingdom of … Continue reading

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BURGENLAND      Except for Vienna, the smallest Land in Austria in area;  it is the least populated.   It lies on the borders with Hungary, to which it belonged until 1920/1.    Its name comes from the castles (Burgen in German) in the … Continue reading

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AUSTRIA   ÖSTERREICH. The name means “eastern realm” and was used for the eastern lands in the Lombard Kingdom in northern Italy and for the eastern Frankish kingdom of the Merovingian era.   Merovingian Austria is now usually called Austrasia to distinguish … Continue reading

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