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Bayerische Ostmark

BAYERISCHE OSTMARK Nazi Party Gau in Bavaria, bordering on Austria and Czechoslovakia.   It extended from Niederbayern in the south through Oberpfalz to Oberfranken, and when Czechoslovakia ceded its border districts to Germany after the Munich Agreement in October 1938 those … Continue reading

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Bavaria ~ Detailed History ~ Weimar and the Third Reich

Bavaria ~ Detailed History ~ Weimar and the Third Reich As the Great War ended the German monarchies fell, and Bavaria became a Free State in a federal Germany.   Bavaria lost some territory when, under the terms of the Treaty of … Continue reading

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BADEN(Germany) A principality, successively a Margraviate, Electorate and Grand Duchy, in southwestern Germany (after 1918 a Land in the Weimar Republic); A Nazi Party Gau; A Land  in the postwar period 1.  The Margraviate had taken its name from a … Continue reading

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