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CEUTA    Sebta (Arabic). An enclave of Spain on the Moroccan coast;  Cape Ceuta is the Pillar of Hercules opposite Gibraltar. The town belonged to the Vandal Kingdom, which was destroyed by Byzantium in 533.  Around the year 544 it was … Continue reading

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Almoravid Spain

ALMORAVID SPAIN The Almoravids or MURABITS, in Arabic al-Murabitun, were a strict Islamic sect in northwest Africa in the 11th century whose members lived in a religious community (a ribat, whence the name). Yusuf ibn Tashfin, the nephew of the … Continue reading

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Almohad Spain

ALMOHAD SPAIN The Almohads were a religious movement among the Berbers that emphasised the unity of God;  they were al-Muwahhidun, the upholders of that unity, from which the names Almohads and the alternative MUWAHIDS are derived. A disastrous attempt to seize … Continue reading

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ALGECIRAS A Taifa Kingdom in Moslem Spain, 1035-55, named after its capital, which stands on the Bay of Algeciras opposite Gibraltar and which was founded in 713 early in the Moslem conquest, as al-Gezira al-Khadra (the green island). Its only … Continue reading

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