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Burgundian Imperial Circle

BURGUNDIAN IMPERIAL CIRCLE   BURGUNDISCHER REICHSKREIS. The Circle was formed in 1512 and most of the lands within it were those inherited by the Habsburgs through the marriage of the (future) Emperor Maximilian with the heiress of Charles the Bold, Duke … Continue reading

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Barrois Mouvant

BARROIS MOUVANT This was the part of the County (later Duchy) of Bar which lay west of the Meuse, for which, in 1301, the King of France demanded that homage be paid to him. The phrase conjures up a picture … Continue reading

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BAR(2), County and Duchy.  later Bar-le-Duc,  Barrois (pays). Medieval French speaking County, later a Duchy. (Bar in the French names signified the place where a river valley opened out on to the plain – the river in Bar-le-Duc’s case was … Continue reading

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ALSACE-LORRAINE   ELSASS-LOTHRINGEN. Reichsland in the German Empire, 1871-1918.  In 1871, all Alsace, except the Territory of Belfort, and northeastern Lorraine, including the fortress city of Metz, were annexed to the German Empire.   The loss of this territory deeply embittered much … Continue reading

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