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Burgundy ~ Main Article

BURGUNDY ~ Main Article;   BOURGOGNE;  BURGUND. A name with several uses, for a county, a duchy, a kingdom , for all of which see the following articles. It was the name of a gouvernement in pre-Revolutionary France and is the … Continue reading

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ARELATE The Kingdom of BURGUNDY, which began in the Jura in 888, acquired Provence in 933 and became a part of the Holy Roman Empire in 1032, was also known as the Kingdom of ARLES or the Arelate, the Roman … Continue reading

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AJOYE   Or, Ajoie; Elsgau (Ger). Carolingian district between the Jura and the Vosges, now divided between eastern France and northwestern Switzerland. In the 11th century, westernmost Ajoye lay in the northeast of the County of Burgundy, where it remained. The … Continue reading

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