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CARTHAGINIENSIS    HISPANIA CARTHAGINIENSIS. One of the provinces created in the reign of Diocletian at the end of the 3rd century by dividing the enormous province of Tarraconiensis. The new province was named after Carthago Nova, New Carthage, the modern Cartagena. It … Continue reading

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Alto Alentejo

ALTO ALENTEJO Upper Alentejo.   New Portuguese province during the Salzarist era, lying south of the Tagus, in the lands of the districts of Portalegre and Evora, which continued to function as administrative areas.   It was formed from the north of … Continue reading

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ALENTEJO    Or, ALEMTEJO. Old province in the south, though not the far south, of Portugal;  its name means beyond the Tejo (Tagus);  it was sometimes called Entre Tejo e Guadiana (i.e. between those two rivers).   Between the 1130s and 1230s … Continue reading

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ALCÁNTARA     Military religious Order in Spain, founded in the Kingdom of León, c.1175, as the Order of San Julián de Pereiro, which was a monastery close to Portugal and WSW of Salamanca.   The Order was linked at first with … Continue reading

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