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Black Russia

BLACK RUSSIA  CZARNORUS. Region on the upper Neman (Belorussian and Russian) or Niemen (Polish), and its tributaries.  It formed the southwest of the old Russian principality of Polotsk. Black Russia became Lithuanian in the mid-13th century (and eventually, by union, … Continue reading

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BIAŁYSTOK   Former voivodship (Województwo białostockie) in northeastern Poland, named after its capital (Belostok or Byelostok in Russian). The city was founded in 1320 with the extension of Lithuania into the Podlasia region.  In the final partition of Poland in 1795 … Continue reading

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BELARUS    BELORUSSIA or BYELORUSSIA, i.e. White Russia, though there is no agreement on why it is so called;  Belorussiya (Russ); Bia³orus (Pol). State in eastern Europe between Russia and Poland.   The east of the country is crossed by the upper … Continue reading

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