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COMMINGES   Or, Cominges. Former French County in the central Pyrenees, on the upper Garonne; A bishopric in the province of Auch. 1. It is believed that the County was founded in the 9th century by a son of Aznar Sanchez, … Continue reading

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BIGORRE Medieval County in the west central Pyrenees in southern France; in the basin of the upper Adour, and lying between Béarn (to the west) and Comminges.  Its capital was Tarbes, which was also the seat of a Bishop. The … Continue reading

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BÉARN A pays in southern Gascony in southwestern France, in the western Pyrenees, lying between Bigorre (to the east) and the Basque districts of Basse-Navarre and Soule (to the west): A medieval Vicomté; With Navarre, a gouvernement in the Ancien … Continue reading

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ANDORRA    Also ANDORRE (Fr).  In full, Valls d’Andorra (Catalan). Tiny Catalan-speaking independent state on the southern slopes of the east central Pyrenees. Andorra was a district in the old Spanish March of the Frankish Kingdom.   It later belonged to the County … Continue reading

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