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City States of Italy

CITY-STATES of Italy Of all the regions of Europe the Italian peninsula was the one where city-states most flourished and abounded.   Many of the cities of the Roman era survived;  they had a proud history and a tradition of self-government. … Continue reading

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Bavaria ~ Detailed History ~ Carolingian Bavaria

Bavaria ~ Detailed History ~ Carolingian Bavaria With Tassilo’s deposition Bavaria could be fully integrated into the Carolingian Kingdom.   Bavaria was divided into districts (Gaue), each Gau being administered by a Count, who was a royal appointee.   There was no Duke, … Continue reading

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AQUITAINE Roman province (see AQUITANIA); Duchy, Kingdom, and sub-Kingdom in the Frankish era; Medieval Duchy;   Modern administrative region – in southwestern France. The extent of Aquitaine has varied greatly, from the days of the Romans onwards.   They first used … Continue reading

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