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CÎMPULUNG Inter-war county in northern Romania, in the southern Bukovina, named after the town of Cîmpulung Moldovonesc, on the River Moldova, tributary of the Seret, west of Suceava. (There is also a town of Cîmpulung in Wallachia, capital of the … Continue reading

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CERNĂUȚI Northernmost județ (county) in inter-war Romania. named after the city – Chernivtsi (Ukr); Chernovtsy (Rus); Czernowitz (Ger). Was the capital of Bukovina in the Austrian Empire until 1918 and is now the capital of the region of Chernivtsi in … Continue reading

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BUKOVINA     BUKOVYNA (Ukr);  BUCOVINA (Rom);  Buchenland (Ger). Region now mostly in the southern part of the western Ukraine but partly in northeastern Romania.   It lies between the Carpathians and the River Dniester, contains the upper waters of the River Siret … Continue reading

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BESZTERCE-NASZÓD Megye (county) in the Kingdom of Hungary before 1918, in the northeast of Transylvania and bordering the Austrian Crownland of Bukovina, named after two of its towns.   It became Romanian in 1918, but was temporarily restored to Hungary in … Continue reading

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AUSTRIA/CISLEITHANIA When in 1867 the Emperor and the leaders of Hungary reached the settlement that resolved their differences – the Ausgleich, or the Compromise – three governments emerged in Franz Joseph’s lands.   One, generally called Austria-Hungary, was the government  of … Continue reading

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