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BREISGAU Region in the southwestern corner of Germany, once a Frankish county.  The name is used particularly for the Habsburg possessions in that region;  it was also the name of a short-lived Duchy, 1801-5.   The name comes from Breisach, which … Continue reading

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BONNDORF Imperial Lordship in the southern Black Forest in southwest Germany.  The town is not far from the borders of the Swiss canton of Schaffhausen. Bonndorf was part of the Landgraviate of Stuhlingen in the later middle ages, but when … Continue reading

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BADEN(Germany) A principality, successively a Margraviate, Electorate and Grand Duchy, in southwestern Germany (after 1918 a Land in the Weimar Republic); A Nazi Party Gau; A Land  in the postwar period 1.  The Margraviate had taken its name from a … Continue reading

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BAAR District in the Black Forest in southwestern Germany, on the upper Danube and on one of its two principal headstreams, the River Brege.   The area today is part of the Schwarzwald-Baar Kreis, whose capital is Villengen-Schwenningen, in the Land … Continue reading

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Agri Decumates

AGRI DECUMATES   Dekumatenland.  Roman region east of the Rhine, extending from the lowest reaches of the River Lahn southwards across the Main to include the valley of the Neckar and the Black Forest. When the Romans withdrew to the Rhine … Continue reading

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