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CANTABRIA Region in the north of Spain between the Bay of Biscay and the Cantabrian Mountains and between Asturias and the Basque Provinces;  now an autonomous community (S), capital Santander. The so-called Duke of Cantabria (possibly Cantabria had been a … Continue reading

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Canary Islands

CANARY ISLANDS   CANARIAS; Islas Canarias. Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the northwestern coast of Africa, west of southern Morocco;  a province of Spain until 1927 and since 1983 an autonomous community. The Islands were known to the Romans, colonised … Continue reading

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Balearic Islands

BALEARIC ISLANDS    ISLAS BALEARES (Sp), ILLES BALEARS (Catalan). Islands of the western Mediterranean, a province and an autonomous community (PM) in Spain, capital Palma de Mallorca. The islands were seized by the Vandals in 423, and recovered by the Byzantine … Continue reading

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