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BOEOTIA     VOIOTOÍA. District in classical Greece (when its chief town was Thebes) A nome (department) in modern Greece (capital Livadia). Boeotia is the isthmus which lies between the Gulf of Corinth and the Strait of Euboea, and which connects the … Continue reading

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ATTICA    ATTÍKI. A district in ancient Greece;  A nome (department) in modern Greece; A region since 1987. Much of it is a peninsular extension southeastwards of central Greece, but it also includes part of the isthmus that links the Peleponnese … Continue reading

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ATHENS     ATHÍNAI.   Capital of Greece and of ATTICA, it also gave its name to the Crusader Duchy of Athens, 1205-1460, though the actual capital of the Duchy was Thebes, which was then bigger than Athens. After the Crusaders had captured … Continue reading

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