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Bulgaria ~ Country

BULGARIA   BULGARIYA ~ Country See also BULGARIA ~ Byzantine themes Country in the eastern Balkans, south of the Danube, with coast on the Black Sea.   The language of the Bulgarians is Slavonic, a consequence of  the Slav incursions into the Balkans, … Continue reading

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BUKOVINA     BUKOVYNA (Ukr);  BUCOVINA (Rom);  Buchenland (Ger). Region now mostly in the southern part of the western Ukraine but partly in northeastern Romania.   It lies between the Carpathians and the River Dniester, contains the upper waters of the River Siret … Continue reading

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BUJAK     BUDZHAK (Rus and Ukr);  BUGEAC (Rum);  Bucak (Tk). Region on the Black Sea coast, now in Ukraine, lying between the lowest course of the Danube, including its delta, and the estuary of the Dniester. It was part of the … Continue reading

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BUDIN Turkish name for Buda (now part of Budapest) and also of an Ottoman eyalet (province) in the 17th century.   It lay on both sides of the Danube in the region of Buda, then extended along the right (western) bank … Continue reading

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BRDA Region now in central Montenegro, which in the 18th century lay east and northeast of the Prince-Bishopric of Montenegro, though its tribal chieftains usually cooperated with the Prince-Bishop. After the Montenegrins had trounced the Ottomans in battle in 1796, … Continue reading

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BRANIČEVO District south of the Danube and east of the River Morava, now in Serbia, and named after a town and former fortress on the River Pek some way above its confluence with the Danube.   The town is no longer … Continue reading

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BOSNIA-HERCEGOVINA;  BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA (Ger). A territory administered by Austria-Hungary, later annexed; A region within Yugoslavia, which formed one of the member Republics after 1946; An independent state since 1991. Under the terms of the Treaty of Berlin, July 1878, Bosnia-Herzegovina, though … Continue reading

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BOSNIA    BOSNA (SbC and Tk);  Bosznia (Magyar). Region in the northwestern Balkans, originally the name of a small district, but later used for a wider region, and for:- A Hungarian banate (province); A Kingdom; An Ottoman eyelat (province) from 1580; … Continue reading

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BOHEMIA    ÈECHY (Cz); Böhmen (Ger). A region in central Europe; The Kingdom which included that region. The region of Bohemia proper is the west of the present Czech Republic, and lies in the basin of the River Elbe, which, as … Continue reading

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Black Sea Province/District

BLACK SEA PROVINCE/DISTRICT     CHERNOMORSKAYA.   A strip of territory in the Russian Empire between the Black Sea and the northwestern Caucasus, extending from the region around Anapa and Novorossiysk southeastwards to the borders of Abkhazia. The region had been subject to … Continue reading

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BITHYNIA Ancient district in northwest Asia Minor, east of the Bosphorus and on the southwestern shores of the Black Sea.

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BELGRADE     BEOGRAD. City at the confluence of the Rivers Danube and Sava, capital of Serbia and Yugoslavia.  As the Roman city of Singidunum, it was the headquarters of the Danube fleet, and was, except when Dacia was held by Rome, … Continue reading

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BALIKESIR Turkish province in northwestern Anatolia, which extends well inland, south of the Sea of Marmara.   The island of Marmara belongs to the province, which is named after its capital.

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AZOV 18th century Russian province, named after a town on the outflow of the River Don into the Sea of Azov, the northeastern arm of the Black Sea.  The original settlement, the Greek Tanais, was not far away.   The Grand … Continue reading

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AYDIN   Or Aidan;  anciently Talles. City in southwestern Turkey, on the River Menderes, southeast of Ãzmir (Smyrna), and the capital of:- A Turkish Emirate; A modern province. 1.  The Emirate of Aydin was one of several Turkish ghazi principalities in … Continue reading

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