COUSERANS Or, Conserans.

Coat of arms of Couserans

Coat of arms of Couserans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  1. Vicomté in the central Pyrenees;
  2. A diocese, which belonged to the province of Auch.

The Vicomté became separate in the late 10th century, when it was held by the younger son of a Count of Carcassone, as his share of that County. In the early 12th century it became part of the County of Foix, which lay to its east, but later in the century it passed to a member of the family of the Counts of Comminges, which lay to its west. The rights of the Vicomté were eventually scattered among several families through heiresses. In the Ancien Régime Couserans was the southeasternmost corner of the immense gouvernement of Guyenne & Gascony and is now in the Department of the Ariège. The Bishop lived at St Lizier. The diocese was suppressed in 1790.

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