COTTBUS Or, KottbusChosebuz (Sorb).

Map of the District of Cottbus in the German D...

Map of the District of Cottbus in the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). The districts existed between 1952 and 1990. Most of the district’s area belongs now to the State of Brandenburg. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Town on the River Spree, southeast of Berlin, northeast of Dresden, a Stadtkreis in southeastern Brandenburg.

It belonged to Lower Lusatia (Niederlausitz), which was acquired by Brandenburg in 1448. When the rest of Lower Lusatia was lost in 1462 the district around Cottbus remained an enclave of Brandenburg within the Kingdom of Bohemia (within Saxony from 1635). In 1807 it was transferred to Saxony but in 1815 returned to Prussia.

In the German Democratic Republic a district of Cottbus was created in 1952, mainly from the south of the abolished Land of Brandenburg, but including some districts of Niederlausitz around the towns of Hoyerswerda and Weißwasser, previously in the Land of Sachsen.

Just before Germany was reunited the Länder were reconstituted in 1990 and the district of Cottbus disappeared, though in Brandenburg there are now both a Stadtkreis and a Landkreis of Cottbus.

The district around Cottbus still has a Slav-speaking population, descended from the Sorbs, who were subjected in the 10th century.

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